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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving Blog

Since long time ago that I have blog, and now I have decided to move into a new place to blog and share my private life.

My New Blog

Please update your bookmarks and links to my new blog. See you there!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Year 2007 till Present

Hmmm i think i broke ash's record for not posting for a very very long long time too. Okay i know i m overdue to blog my Japan trip, but i choose not to blog it coz it takes away the fun for me to tell it to people (tat wants to listen). But i alread uploaded pictures on my facebook for people to see it.

Album 1 - Here
Album 2 - Here

For the year 2007, it started off great, I manage to achieve things that i wanted for quite sometime. 1st is be champ in my WeiQi club, and I have Korea & Japan Trips under my belt, plus I'm earning even more than the beginning of 2007.

But it didn't stop there, the ending was even better, a magnify potential on what I will get more trips in 2008 at the end of 2007 & much more money flowing in ahead. But still i dun have enof time to do alot of things tat i hope to do (instead some people complain to me tat they have too much time zzzzz I sure hate that kind of people)

Wishes for 2008, maybe not just 2008 but as long as i m doing it i m sure alot of people might wan too. I really hope i get to go along trips with my friends by playing weiqi too coz it'll be fun to go along n pay basically nothing (FREE TRIP who dun wan is nuts)!!! Next i ALWAYS hope to get rich with my fellow friends too (I'm sure you want to get rich when you read this), but sometimes, I wonder how many will truly give effort to make dreams a reality.

At the moment, I'm few steps closer to my ultimate goal while my skills are showing some results. The magic mark is 30, please make your move now even thou its abit late I honestly say, but its better to do it than never, we don't have many 10 years (or youth) to float around or play around, just take a look at those who are doing good around you now and you'll see where are you. And I'm really grateful to the people that helped me along my way to what I am today.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Korea Trip

Still havent found time to blog it yet. So plz wait somemore for those who "really" want to know. If you are even desperate to know and wanna go to Korea? Well I can teach u, its ALWAYS better to teach someone how to earn money then keep giving money to them, becoz u cant always give money :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back From Korea

This post will be short and brief. I'll need time to prepare typing all the full 5 days visit to Korea.

Reached home at 2am 20th Jun and sleep alot that day too, and resting today as well. Am still practicing my weiqi skills so that i dun miss my target goal this year.

My heart is still in Korea, what a nice and wonderful place to visit again.

Lastly, anyone wanna have free trips, come play weiqi. You'll gain not just free trips but good judgement, friends, knowledge and many more.

Preparing for next Korea & Japan trips :) stay tune for more

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The 1st Asia Amateur Baduk Championship

I hereby announce that I'll be leaving for my long awaited Korea trip on Friday 1am midnight flight (have to be in the airport at Thursday 10pm something...ahhhh sleepy). Will be in Korea, Jeonju city for 5 days starting from Friday morning and be back on 19th late night.

I will be representing Malaysia to enter "The 1st Asia Amateur Baduk Championship" in the individual tournament. My good friend Alex will be playing the pairs together with an auntie.

Last month (03/05/07) in Japan Club of Malaysia we had a selection tournament locally to pick 2 male and 2 female contender to enter the Korea Baduk championship. Unfortunately there are a number of males sign up for the tournament and unfortunately there aren't any females fighting for the spot (we need more female players). And worst is, some of the females parents refuse to let their daughter to enter the tournament, such a waste of talent & opportunity.

Male selection list:-
- Chew Shih Yuin
- Philip Cher
- Violet
- Wynes
- Ang
- JimmyCKY
- Yang Gou Ping

Unfortunately again, not everyone who sign up came for the selection and made the end results predictable who will defiantly be going. So it end up Chew, Philip (me), Violet, Wynes, Yang Gou Ping showed up that day. And the president made a slight changes to the selection requiring each of us to play against everyone that showed up.

Without wasting time, everyone of us proceed to play our games so that we finish off the selection on that day. Winner will play in the individual and the runner-up will be playing the pair-go

My 1st opponent was Chew.
My 2nd opponent was Wynes.
My 3rd opponent was Violet. My good friend in the club (You can take a look at the pic linked to the page at the bottom)
My 4th opponent was Yang Gou Ping.

COMPLETE VICTORY - I'll be playing the individual.
Violet is the runner-up and will be in the pair.

Female are selected by the president, he was trying hard to find 2 female to join, SN Fong and Lau Hia (you can take a look at the link at the bottom)/

Playing Types
1 male & 1 female - Individual
1 male & 1 female - Pair Go (means that total 4 ppl will be playing 1 game)

Oh and there is 1 official guest and act as the Team Leader. Total 5 people will be heading to Korea and everything is sponsored by the Korea Amateur Baduk Association (KABA). Here's the schedule:-

Friday, June 15th - Arrival, Registration and Check-in

Saturday, June 16th
11:00-12:00 Orientation
12:00-13:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Opening Ceremony
15:00-17:00 Individual Tournament Round 1 & Pair Tournament Round 1
17:30-21:00 Celebration Performance & Reception

Sunday, June 17th
10:00-12:00 Individual Tournament Round 2 & Pair Tournament Round 2
12:00-13:00 AGF General Meeting (during lunch)
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Individual Tournament Round 3 & Pair Tournament Round 3
15:00-17:00 Individual Tournament Round 4 & Pair Tournament Round 4
17:30-21:00 Prize giving & Closing Ceremony

Monday, June 18th Sightseeing (including visit to Pro Baduk Tournament) & Rest

Tuesday, June 19th Check-out and Departure

Gonna go venture everywhere nonstop in those 5 days :) , riding the trains, walking down the streets, checking out social life over there and many many more things that I wanna know. Be making sure to carry a small notebook to note down everything & not forgetting my camera.

Lastly, am really excited and happy about the trip and my achievements this year alone. Will be working even harder to improve more so that I can be the top player in Malaysia in few years time. I'll be expecting more frequent trips to Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and some other parts of the world that might organized events like this in the future. I hereby sincerely invite all my friends to join and learn together.

Thanks for reading & have a nice & wonderful day if you finish everything from top to bottom.

P.S. Am looking for a qualify female as my student to train. So that Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA) can spread weiqi towards the female gender. She'll be directly trained by me and study directly under my supervision.

P.S. P.S. Anyone that is or are interested to know what is weiqi, you can come to me or to for more information. Playing weiqi is meaningful, it lets everyone make more friends, sharpen our mind so that we can be a better person in life. Don't worry, there will never be any bad people playing weiqi, or any form of chess.

More details in Malaysia Weiqi Association

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Language Learning

Been trying to learn some extra new stuffs, since mom has been on korean dramas alot. So might as well go dig n learn some korean so tat i'll be able to understand what they r saying.

Lets take a look at a few sites (cant possible copy everything to my blog :S)

Learning Korean Site 1 -
1) SOV language

Korean is classified as an SOV language, which stands for word order. English on the other hand is an SVO language. A subject is the one who acts.
An object is the one who receives the subjects action. For example:

Bob loves Jenny.

Who loves Jenny? Bob does. Who is loved by Bob? Jenny is. In Korean this sentence will be in the the word order:

Bob Jenny loves.

Sounds like Yoda (from Star Wars) speaking style :S

Learning Korean Site 2

Vowels : -
ㅏ "a"
ㅑ "ya"
ㅓ "eo"
ㅕ "yeo"
ㅗ "o"
ㅜ"oo" or "u"
ㅠ"yoo" or "yu"

Ok enof for tis post, getting dissy learning those words tat doesnt resembles chinese nor japanese :S

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Victory of The Year

Weiqi weiqi weiqi, nothing but tis for tis entry tis time around.

"The MWA Tournament 2007 will be held on 21th Jan 2007 (Sunday), 10.00am - 6.00pm."

This was my 2nd time joining the club's tournament and it wasn't easy to play 4 games in 1 day with 4 similar ranked people.

Random match by drawing lots to see who u will play with.
Game 1 - Played with someone named Kelvin and he is more to a beginner and no handicap. Made some mistake at the beginning of my game n luckily i won with a better reading skill. No problem here, the game won when he resigned.

Next, up against those who won the 1st round and i get to play him.
Game 2 - Wynes was my 2nd player, this was a pretty long game I think coz the game was suppose to end before lunch time around 12:30pm roughly. So the president of the club decided to let us continue the game after lunch and put a timing to speed up our game so that the 3rd round can be started earlier. No problem here too as i pulled a huge lead in the middle game and i won the game roughly by 15 points.

3rd game and this is a very fun game indeed.
Game 3 - Played with Shi Yun (dunno how to spell his name), made a big mistake in the middle game n cost me 1/4 of the board (in normal condition that will guarantied a lost), but, luckily I killed 1/4 of the board of his group back ^-^ and i m back in the hunt again n towards the end he made a big mistake n allowed me to revived my 1/4 died groups and the game ends with him resigning after i secure all my groups.

Last battle, the strongest player of the day
Game 4 - He is quite young in age n looks and he is a secondary school kid. After learning for about 4 months, he is able to match my level at tis game. Again i made a big mistake at the beginning n mid game (beginning to feel its a problem for me) and had to unleash my secret tactic to at least secure my last chance of winning when it looks like i m on the losing end. With great effort, was able to secure my dying groups with minimal loses and secure barely enough to win the game. At the end i won by 5 points, a great battle indeed.

At the end of the day, I am glad that I joined tis tournament and very proud of playing weiqi. Certainly tis kind of game will ensure ones mind to be sharp and helps brain development if learned from a very young age.

Atm, looking forward to the future tournament challenge that will get me some overseas trip without paying anything by just going there to play weiqi with someone i dunno. Who says playing weiqi has no benefit ^-^

More pictures here -> Photo Gallery
From Malaysia Weiqi Association